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KGH : the killing of George Herbert has been delayed

Dear fellow Herbicidalists!

It has been sometime since the last installment of KGH was posted on 3 Minute Theologian. This has been caused by, amongst other things, Easter, parish life, the demands of a new PhD project, preparing for the Lambeth Conference, Anglican Roots, an exciting project that is still underwraps (but was hinted at by my new best friend, Sam Norton), and vain attempts to get a life.

Having said all that, the next section of Killing George Herbert will be posted beginning on Monday, in smaller, screen-sized chunks (rather than the previous, full-on, chapter-length, 15,000 behemoths). If you want to see in which way a parish priest’s ministry should approximate to a Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix song, join me from Monday.

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  1. Sam Norton

    I’m looking forward to it.

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