Words about God and Life for the Attention Deficit Generation

Ozymandias, Part II

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the desert…

May I draw your attention to the following, which appeared on Amazon.co.uk today:


Further down the Amazon listing we see this little piece of humility:


It is curious the number of people who try to tell me that I will never make any money from writing. I know! the evidence is there right in front of my eyes! (515,762nd best selling book!)


  1. Sam Norton

    Ha! Marvellous.
    BTW when are you going to stop claiming (in your sidebar) that it’s a movement of one?

  2. Sam Norton

    BTW you may be getting an invite from my Deanery Chapter to come and spread the word about KGH….

  3. Justin Lewis-Anthony

    Duly noted and amended (mathematically!)

  4. Justin Lewis-Anthony

    How very kind. I will have had practice with three deanery synods in Canterbury diocese v shortly.

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