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Kill George gets episcopal recognition

Kill GeorgeIf You Meet George Herbert on the Road, Kill Him: Radically Re-thinking Priestly Ministry has been out for a month now, and it is beginning to get episcopal recognition.

The Bishop of Grimsby, David , mentioned it in his post-ordinations blog post:

As the cost of employing priests increasingly depends on the generosity of congregations, we need to ensure that those in stipendiary ministry bring a quality and competancy  which supports such generosity.  At the same time, the church needs to ensure that it is using all vocations to ministry in such a way as to honour the gifts and talents of those call by God not only into the ordained ministry but also into Reader and other lay ministeries.  Justin Lewis-Anthony recent book – “If you meet George Herbert on the road, Kill Him” challenges the Church of England to rethink how we unfold the practice of priestly ministry.  As the resource of stipendiary ministry reduces, it is time for us to understand how best to use the gifts and talents of those who respond to the call of God.

BTW, a prize to the person who can spot the most glaring typo in the book (which, of course, invalidates the whole argument!) — hint: it’s on p. 9.


  1. Jim Hague

    Thanks for the hint. s/1653/1593, perhaps?

  2. Justin Lewis-Anthony

    Spot on! You win the prize (of proof-reading my next book!)

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