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More Herbertiana

There was a review of If You Meet George Herbert on the Road, Kill Him: Radically Re-thinking Priestly Ministry in the Church Times two weeks ago (which has now emerged from behind the CT’s subscriber cordon— read it here). Not a wholly flattering account, but it’s never a good idea to review the reviews (!).

The review drew out a letter to the editor in the following week’s edition, of which the only thing I will say is never let actually reading a book interfere with your opinion of its contents.

In the meantime, I have been receiving some unsolicted comments from those clergy who, foolishly according the CT, have put the book at No. 2 in the CT’s best-seller list.

A priest of Coventry diocese:

Congratulations and many thanks for your brilliant book & title. Your book makes what I do seem legitimate.

A (retired) priest of Bradford diocese:

I felt I must write and say after just a brief examination of your If you meet Geo Herbert on the road … it’s a book I have been waiting for all my ministry.

A priest of Peterborough diocese:

I just emailed you to tell you how good I thought your book ”If you meet George Herbert …” I too am very fond of G Herbert, sometimes quote him, but I think that your book is excellent, honest and an accurate portrayal of the way things are for so many of us, including me.

A dean of a cathedral:

It’s a fascinating analysis…1

A priest of London diocese:

I have a couple of chapters left and have so far found it encouraging, challenging and funny!

A priest of Birmingham diocese:

Thank you for your book. It’s helping me get through a hard time in my ministry.

A priest of Bury St Edmunds diocese:

I am really enjoying your book. It says so many things I have thought for years.

A priest of Derby diocese:

… I particularly found the idea of the “Cult of Nice” to be a very powerful way of understanding parish life…

  1. And yes, I realise that this can be interpreted in all sorts of ways! []


  1. Sam Norton

    I think there is still a strong vested interest in preserving Herbertism from significant sections of the establishment. The closer you are to the coalface, the more truth is found in it.

  2. Doug Chaplin

    Hey, Justin, Bishop Alan’s given you a glowing review.

    Oh, and I’ve tagged you with a meme.

  3. Justin Lewis-Anthony

    Woah! That is episcopal approval (but then again, I’ve always rated bishops!).

    I must blog a thank you.

    TVM for the tip

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