Words about God and Life for the Attention Deficit Generation

…and by the way (Kill George)

Today, in amazon, KGH is

#1 in Books > Religion & Spirituality > Christianity > Clergy > Ministry
#2 in Books > Religion & Spirituality > Christianity > Protestant > Anglicanism
#20 in Books > Religion & Spirituality > Christianity > Christian Living

Which translates as 8,187 in the overall bestseller list (“I know my place”!)


  1. Ella

    Love your work, have all your albums etc, but maybe you could inject just a tiny bit of humility occasionally? You have an intelligent and original ministry so there is no need to self-trumpet.

  2. Justin Lewis-Anthony

    Dear Ella

    How kind of you to give me this unsolicited testimonial. May I convey my apologies to you? WordPress doesn’t do an “irony” tag, and so you may not have read my pointing out that KGH is in 9,000s of the Amazon best-seller list as a piece of realistic self-deprecication (Hence the “I know my place” quotation).

    But please do feel free to continue giving me good advice on my behaviour.

  3. Ella

    Hi there Justin,

    I did catch the irony. I just think your site is strong enough to let up on the many references to your books and their reviews. Self-deprecation can slide into self-absorption, which is not representative of your (excellent) work.

    Very kind regards (and bon dimanche)


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