(and no, I’m not referring to Peterborough)
I heard recently that the Bishop of Exeter gave a copy of If You Meet George Herbert on the Road, Kill Him: Radically Re-thinking Priestly Ministry to all his new ordinands this Michaelmastide. It is could to be able to report the fall of the South-West to the inexorable tide that is the Herberticidal movement.

After the fall of Exeter, it seems that Buckingham is the latest conquest for Kill George. Bishop Alan Wilson blogged the book on Tuesday:

At home I have a groaning shelf of books published since 1900 about ministry in the Church of England. Justin Lewis-Anthony’s If you meet George Herbert on the Road, Kill Him is the latest and, no mean feat, by far the best.

Justin’s excellent book does not play this how-to game, although it does end up talking Turkey, with excellent alternative strategies and tactics to help lower spiritual and personal blood pressure, and bring a Kill-George-Herbert priest back from the Church of the Planet Zog into the Church of England.

This book is a vastly intelligent, compassionate, understanding and helpful resource. Some will find it a bit clever, so if you prefer your books stupid, you may be disappointed.

(emphasis in the original)

Modesty and copyright prevents me from quoting all of it, but it is here, in all its glory!

(I shouldn’t be surprised really, as +Buckingham is one of only two bishops in the Church of England whose pronouncements I can be bothered reading!)