It’s amazing how many different and varied ways Christians have found to monetize their faith, flogging bits and pieces necessary to be a happy, fulfilled and righteous Christian to other unhappy, unfulfilled and slightly wealthier Christians. I am not talking about indulgences or saints’ relics here. I mean the bookshops, tatshops, “resource areas” that accompany any gathering of Christians larger than a single congregation. Conference invites speaker, speaker gives talk, conference points audience to bookshop, speaker flogs wares.


This is where 3 Minute Theologian has been missing out.

So I am pleased to announce, with the co-operation of (that fine purveyor of design-your-own drinkware and wear-wares), the world’s first OFFICIAL Kill George Herbert merchandising opportunity solution.

Gasp! at the generously proportioned beverage mug!

Be amazed! at the sophisticate design and elegantly proportioned T-Shirt!

Er! That’s it! (for the moment)

Both T-Shirt and Mug are emblazoned with a WWGHD? graphic to display your allegiance to all things post-Herbertian.

  • Imagine the insightful and advantageous conversations that will strike up with the Senior Staff at your next Clergy Conference when they see you declaring your thoughtful and frankly gorgeous allegiance to the Blessed George.
  • Imagine the opportunities to tell the postman that no, he wasn’t just a hymn writer, as you come to the door in your pyjama bottoms and Tee!
  • Think of the 200 clergy in your diocese and 300 clergy in your hotmail contacts list, each of whom deserve to be introduced to the wonders of WWGHD? Buy a mug and T-shirt for each!

Coming soon!

  • WWGHD maniples!
  • WWGHD embossed covers for Common Worship!
  • WWGHD USB sticks!
  • WWGHD rubber bracelets!
  • More! More! More! Buy! Buy! Buy!