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Getting the Diocesan Strapline Right

A guest post from the Rev’d Dr P.T. (name changed to protect the cynical):

As you will be aware one of the major tasks facing the dioceses of the Church of England is to ensure that they have the correct three word strapline or slogan. If we can only get that right then surely the kingdom will arrive. However some of you may be nervous that you are serving in a Diocese whose strapline is rubbish. That is why I have done extensive research and put the (rather limited selection of) words used to construct these straplines into a wordle. It is attached. If you belong to a Diocese where they say: ‘God transforming communities’, you could not be in a better place. If you are ‘empowering diverse worship’ you need to look for a move. I note that ‘Jesus’ and ‘love’ do not appear, and that ‘transform’ appears once in the NRSV translation of the Bible.

PS – the word fatuous never passed my lips.

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  1. of course a ‘God-Transforming Community’ might be of slightly more concern!

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