This originated in a series on the origins, history and possible futures of the Anglican Communion, prepared at the time of the last Lambeth Conference in 2008. I looked at  four separate periods in the history of the Church of England and the churches related to it, and chose from each of those four periods two significant dates, one significant movement and one significant lasting influence, an “inheritance”. The series began a bit of background and a justification for the exercise.

The history of the Church of England and the Anglican Communion remain, whatever has happened / will happen in the years since 2008.

Section 1 : “… that the Church of England shall be free” — The origins of the Church of England and its life in the Middle Ages

Section 2 : “The Bishop of Rome hath no jurisdiction in this realm of England”The break from Rome and the Elizabethan Settlement

Section 3 : “Monstrous enthusiasm” — Revolt and restoration in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

Section 4 : “In Christ there is no East or West” — The British Empire and the Anglican Communion