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Fees, managerialism and the death of the Church of England

I’ve had a comment piece  published on the Guardian’s Comment is Free blog, examining what the Parochial Fees Order means for the future of the Church of England. A taster:

On Saturday the General Synod of the Church of England will turn its attention to a little piece of housekeeping, the parochial fees order, through which the fees charged by churches for weddings and funerals are regulated. This might seem unremarkable, but, in reality, if the order is passed, it will mark the triumph of managerialism and the end of the Church of England as we have known it. The order is flawed, pastorally, practically and ecclesiologically.

Read it all here.

Saints and the Guardian

Another 3MinuteTheologian appearance on the Guardian’s Comment is Free: Belief website, this time on their “Question of the Week” feature.

Comment is Free: Saints? Do we need them?

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