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Keeping the blog tidy

The joys of (non-)semantic search

It is wonderful to see how many people end up on this blog, presumably searching for this:


and finding this:

H. Richard Niebuhr

That’s “Watchman” (singular), not “Watchmen” (plural) folks!

Not so much Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? as Quis investigatiet ipsos custodes?

The awesome power that is TA

If anyone doubts the awesome power of Thinking Anglicans, then just look what happens to modest little one-man blog operations following a mention in Thinking Anglicans:

Hit Spike from Thinking Anglicans

Ozymandias, thy name is Sarmiento!

3MT : Be Ordinary. Do Ordinary

Sometimes we need to forget our pretence to uniqueness, and look for our salvation and our purpose in the ordinary and the mundane.



Or ordinary?

...or ordinary?


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Google Malware?

Is it just my malfunctioning computer, or does something seem to have gone wrong with the logarithms?googleharmsyourcomputer


Kill George, the blog, becomes Kill George, the book

“If you meet George Herbert on the road… kill him!” is finally beginning to emerge into the world. The manuscript for the book has been completed, and is with the publishers. A series of draft covers has been prepared, improved upon and tweaked, until an excellent and striking cover (I wish I knew the name of my designer) has been agreed. We even have a subtitle: “Radically Rethinking Priestly Ministry”. There is a blurb prepared for catalogues, and a date for publication: 1 June 2009.

I don’t intend, therefore, to publish any more from “Kill George” in this forum. This means that the final third of the book, the practical application of the “Kill George” methodology, will have to wait until next summer before readers get their hands on it. Blame the nervousness of the author or blame the necessities of publishing.

This doesn’t mean that, if you are interested in “Kill George”, if my ideas have resonated with you, that “Kill George” has to go completely silent. If you are “clerge”, and live in the UK, and would like me to come and talk to your chapter / deanery / diocesan synod / clergy support group, then I will be very happy to come. (If you don’t live in the UK, and are willing to pay for my travel expenses, then I am also very willing to come to see you). If you follow the publication of learned journals, then a future issue of the George Herbert Journal will see printed a paper which I presented to the international “George Herbert’s Travels” conference, recently held at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro (and more on that anon).

In the meantime, until 1 June or we meet, if you feel the weight and oppression of Herbertism, then please do keep in touch. It began as a movement of one. It needn’t continue that way.

Spreading the Herberticidal Message

Being such a small movement (but perfectly formed!), I find it encouraging when I am given new opportunities to spread the message about Killing George Herbert (see posts passim).

Especially when the opportunity means travelling to the US to give a paper on the subject at an international conference!

In October, your 3MinuteTheologian has been invited to deliver a paper: If you meet George Herbert in the road . . . kill him! Herbertism and Contemporary Parish Ministry.

This is the conference:


Co-Sponsored by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA
Sarum College, Salisbury, England

More details from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s website.

KGH : the killing of George Herbert has been delayed

Dear fellow Herbicidalists!

It has been sometime since the last installment of KGH was posted on 3 Minute Theologian. This has been caused by, amongst other things, Easter, parish life, the demands of a new PhD project, preparing for the Lambeth Conference, Anglican Roots, an exciting project that is still underwraps (but was hinted at by my new best friend, Sam Norton), and vain attempts to get a life.

Having said all that, the next section of Killing George Herbert will be posted beginning on Monday, in smaller, screen-sized chunks (rather than the previous, full-on, chapter-length, 15,000 behemoths). If you want to see in which way a parish priest’s ministry should approximate to a Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix song, join me from Monday.

KGH : The perils of search machines

Those of us who write blogs find ourselves at the mercy of search machines: Google might not necessarily be the friend of the keen and enthusiastic person within the UK who today entered “ordination training” as the search term, and was directed to

KGH : Lin-Chi, the Curate and the Anglican Divine

Sorry, whoever you are. Perhaps that wasn’t the sort of information that you want now… but, one day, you will!

Giving up blogging for Easter

After the fifty days of Easter, during which an awful lot of writing, reading, preparing and teaching had to be done for life in the real world, I think that I am back, and able to contribute once more to this ongoing project.

For those of you who were patient, thank you.

3 Minute Tagging

Forty eight hours ago I was tagged1. Forty eight hours ago I had no idea what “tagging” was or how it worked. So, sophisticated bloggers gather round and snigger as I get this meme thing wrong:

Rule 1) List three reasons for your blogging.
Rule 2) List these rules.
Rule 3) Tag three others with the thread.


  1. “hello world”: no more than the ego-centric attempt to find reassurance that I actually exist as a sentient being outside and beyond the roles allotted to me by job and social status.
  2. “hello brain”: it’s an external forum by which I am obliged to think and to articulate something more demanding than “three ways to be a better Christian” and “how do we increase our volunteer numbers? (hmm. note to self: two possible future blog entries)
  3. “hello God”: this is what I am thinking, Lord, and this is how I am trying to make sense of your calling of me. Tom Merton had a typewriter in a cabin in the woods. I have WordPress.

So I tag Dave, who’s got far too much on for this sort of thing; Doug who deals with much more elevated ideas than this sort of thing; and Kathryn, who is probably going to have to give up this sort of thing.

(There: did I get it right?)

  1. and he wants a beer as well! []
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