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Dissected Definitions 13

Journalism (n) :  I know nothing about a subject, and I have 1200 words in which to express it.

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Dissected Definitions 12

Anglo-Catholicism (n) : The Trotskyist wing of the Church of England.1

  1. It is significant that [several young gifted writers of the twenties and thirties] went almost invariably to the Roman Church, and not, for instance, to the C. of E., the Greek Church or the Protestant sects. They went, that is, to the Church with the world-wide organization, the one with rigid discipline, the one with power and prestige behind it. Perhaps it is even worth noting that the only latter-day convert of really first-rate gifts, Eliot, has embraced not Romanism but Anglo-Catholicism, the ecclesiastical equivalent of Trotskyism.

    George Orwell, ‘Inside the Whale’, New Directions in Prose and Poetry. 1940 []

Dissected Definitions 11

Tradition (n) : 2. Something the English do really well. See binge drinking and rural rioting.

Dissected Defintions 10

Spring (n) : It’s raining— and don’t the clocks go forward soon, so we miss an hour’s kip?

Dissected Defintions 9

Autumn (n) : It’s raining— and that makes the leaves slippy underfoot.

Dissected Defintions 8

Winter (n) : It’s raining— and dark.

Dissected Defintions 7

Summer (n) : it’s raining.

Dissected Definitions 6

Tradition (n) : we’ve done it twice.

Dissected Definitions 5

Opportunity (n) : problem, whose solution I read about in a book once, so it’ll be interesting to see if I can persuade everyone else to read the same book.

Dissected Definitions 4

challenge (n) : problem for which we hope we have a solution.

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